Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday "Bloody's" Sunday

We (Sartje Stroom & Bloody Audy) hit Taman Menteng on a sunny Sunday morning , this is our first Sunday ride together, the other girls have a nother plans so we think we could jus hang with the boyz (like always... hehehe)

 from Jl.Sabang to Taman Menteng

Monday, November 22, 2010

Urban Fest & Sushi

Sartje Stroom & Kaka Neraka having blast at Urban Fest 2010

We Are Tha Chic Bicycle Riders

Dara Drama

 Kaka Neraka

 Nasta Tataqwa

 Sanchia Sianida

Sartje Stroom

Pedal Happy neon SpokesCards

I'll be handing out these on Wednesday Night Ride 24th November @Rocket.Co don't miss out, cos i wont be making alot, just for you real swaggahs out there...xoxo S.Sianida

Pedal Happy series continues - (adjective) : Ready to ride a bike at the least provocation, regardless of the situation or probable consequences.


Ridiculously Cute Pendants

more on this site

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Music Video: "Sunshine" by Rye Rye feat. M.I.A

We love this cool music video of Rye Rye & M.I.A plus the bicycles.

Sianida's Work For Nike

Sanchia Sianida, Nike's favorite girl, asked to do a lil fiddling at Nike's 'More Than A Night Run' charity night at Capocaccia.
Reflecteur Bandi ramp the place on took a lil' pict. Nicely done Sianidassssss

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bandi Launch!

The star, the moon, and the wheels are our best friend.
The best nite ride ever!! Meet up with riders around town. 
Perfect nite for Reflecteur Bandi lauch...! Thank you all..

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Bar Spin in 20.10.2010

Spotted! Kaka "Neraka" Tiara is having fun in Taman Menteng during last Raboo Raboo in 20.10.2010,  smile with a happy bar spin, she look so pretty don't you agree?...

that's what we call "pedal happy" 
bar spinning...
smooth landing...