Monday, June 20, 2011

STRIPES RIDE Photo Competition Result

STRIPES RIDE PHOTO COMPETITION are shot at the event on Sunday 19th June 2011.The winners will get prizes from Satcas and Nylon magazine (A 6 month Subscriber for 1st winner!!!)
 These are all the application:
Pict By Hauritsa

Picts By Jonathan Edwin

Picts by Aaron Tobias
"My Name is Mad"

"Pick Nick"
"Super Stripe"

Picts By Kemalreza Gibran

Picts By Ricky Janitra

Pict By Budi Susilo

 Pict by Mechsa
"20" bike + bob bar + 4 pegs + stripes + prissee = STRIPES RIDE"
Picts by Rahne Putri

Pict by JohnGrapher
"Rute Sehat"

"Reflecteur Glasses"
"Take Your Best Shot"

Pict By Anis Wuku Wuk
"morning at menteng park"
 "ready for photo"

Pict by Al Fajri Permana
"Go Go Go"
Pict by Sirix
"Team Registration"

Picts by Rendha Rais
"All Stripes"
"Courtesy of Laugh"

"Hello There"
"Morning Stripes"
"Good in Stripe"
"Got Stripe?"

Picts by Rendy Rebel

Pict By Retiara